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2022 Basketball Schedule

Here's the Basketball Schedule for both Girls and Boys Teams

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RMS Warriors Football Schedule 2022

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2022 Volleyball Schedule

Here's our 2022 Volleyball Schedule. Click below for a printable copy.

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Dear Parent: 


As you know, Governor Lee issued Executive Order No. 55 last week. With that, Hawkins County Schools and other Tennessee systems are allowed to initiate full practices and move toward games for our fall sports. We are excited to see all of our student-athletes get back onto the court and/or the field.


In coordination with other state and local officials, as well as in compliance with TSSAA guidelines, we are trying hard to make our practices and our facilities cleaner and safer during the COVID-19 crisis. But, as we are in a pandemic, neither Hawkins County Schools nor any school system can guarantee an entirely COVID-free environment during school days, games, practices, etc. 


We are going to experience cases of COVID-19, and we are going to work closely with the Hawkins County Regional Health Department to respond to such cases as they arise. As part of that response process, the Hawkins County Regional Health Department and the Tennessee Department of Health have established procedures for notifying those who were infected and those who were possibly exposed. And many of those people – both students and faculty members – could be placed on strict quarantines by the Health Department for weeks at a time. 


If your student is placed on quarantine by the Health Department during any point of this school year, please remember: 


•             He/she CANNOT return to school until the full quarantine period ends; 

•             He/she CANNOT return to athletics until the full quarantine period ends; AND 

•             A negative COVID-19 test(s) does NOT alter or shorten any such quarantine period.


If you have questions about the concepts supporting the above-rules, please direct those to the Hawkins County Regional Health Department at INSERT PHONE NUMBER. We certainly hope that your student never suffers from COVID-19 or even comes into close contact with the virus. But we wanted to send this letter out to all of our athletic parents in case you do run into one of the above-situations during this season or this school year.