Family Engagement Plan


2020-2021 School Level Family Engagement Plan

Each Title I school is required to establish a Family and Community Engagement Committee. To the extent possible, the Family and Community Engagement Committee will be a demographic representation of the school. The school-level Family and Community Engagement Committee will be responsible for:

●      Developing, implementing, and assessing the school-level Family Engagement Policy.

●      Determining what action needs to be taken, if any, to plan and increase participation in family engagement activities.

●      Identifying barriers to participation in family engagement activities.

●      When applicable, integrating parent involvement activities with existing community agencies such as Tennessee Early Intervention Services, Head Start, preschools (public and private), etc.

●      The Family engagement committee will meet at least four times a year; August, November, January and March. For more information you may contact Timberly Collier or Quinn Kersey .

Additionally, Rogersville Middle School will:

●      Annually distribute the Home-School Compact to families at the beginning of each school year. Discuss the Home-School Compact with parents and students at parent- teacher conferences. The compact will also be posted online on the county and school- level websites.

●      Convene an annual parent meeting following State and Federal Guidelines.

●      Address the importance of communication between teachers and parents

●      provide at least two parent-teacher conference dates to address student progress

●      provide frequent child progress reports for parents

●      provide parents with reasonable access to staff through phone numbers, emails and scheduled meetings

●      opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child's class

●      opportunities to observe classroom activities following school procedures

●      Provide parents with materials to help parents work with their children to improve academic achievement

●      make the Parent Lending Library easily accessible to parents

●      Promote the use of the Lending Library through newsletters, websites, and classroom communication.

●      Provide at least two parent training and activities designed to increase parents' capacity to help with learning at home.

●      Focus on strategies to improve homework, attendance, and discipline.

●      Convene at varying times to accommodate family schedules.

●      Invite all families to attend activities through written and verbal notice.

●      To the extent practicable, the school will provide full opportunities for participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children.

●      Events Planned: RMS will have the library open from 6-8 p.m. during school dances to help families in any way. There will also be short presentations on information pertaining to information gathered from family questionnaires. Pi night, Subject level workshops, college and career readiness, and literacy night will be held throughout the year.

●      Provide parents with a student handbook at the beginning of each year to provide information on

●      Procedures to learn about the course of study for their child and have access to all learning materials.

●      The right to access their child's official records.